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How to build a house without an actual garage

How to build a house without an actual garage

The NFL announced Monday that it’s shutting down its league-owned teams’ garage programs.

The league said it will not be using any of the teams’ garages, and will instead provide the teams with the facilities needed to operate.

“While the garage program was instrumental in helping our teams build their infrastructure, the team’s garage program will no longer be utilized,” NFL VP of football operations Scott Pioli said in a statement.

The move comes as teams grapple with a growing number of players who opt to go solo, and as the NFL’s stadium boom is drawing to a close.

It also comes after a tumultuous 2016, which saw several players go their separate ways and led to a roster overhaul, and a suspension of former New York Jets defensive lineman Leonard Williams, who was later found guilty of rape and sentenced to nine years in prison.

Piolis said the league will also be providing a new suite for players at its facilities in 2018, which will help with player health and wellness.

NFL Players Association president Eric Winston called the move a positive step toward creating more competition for players.

“The NFL has never had a garage program before.

It’s an effort to address the need for greater competition for talent in our league, and to be able to put players at the top of their game,” Winston said in an emailed statement.

“I look forward to seeing how this process plays out.”

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