Why the new ‘Trims,Furniture & Accessories’ is a winner

Why the new ‘Trims,Furniture & Accessories’ is a winner

In a post on Twitter on Tuesday, a source at IGN stated that the brand has been picked up by Walmart and will be sold in the store in early January.

IGN has not confirmed the report.

It is unclear whether or not this is an official announcement.

IGN also published a blog post on Monday regarding the store’s plans, stating that the store is currently under development, with the brand still being “very much in the works.”

IGN did not have an official statement from Walmart at this time.

The brand’s website currently lists “Trims” as a “home furnishings store that sells everything you need to decorate, decorate with, and decorate around your home,” with plans for a full line of accessories.

IGN did have an interview with a representative from the company last year, which confirmed that the company was planning to begin selling furniture in its store.

IGN had previously reported that the retailer was considering adding a full-line of “trim” accessories, including a leather sofa, an armchair, and a table.

The brand’s site currently lists an extensive catalog of accessories, from lamps to lamps, books, and so forth.

IGN previously reported on the company’s plans for its home furnishings brand, which included a range of “home decor” items.

Walmart’s announcement comes just days after IGN published a feature on the brand’s plans to expand its store, with Walmart confirming that it was working on “major” expansion plans.