A collection of vintage furniture shop walls

A collection of vintage furniture shop walls

A collection in the collection of antique furniture shops in Brooklyn.

This space was recently repainted with a new look.

source The Guardian title How to make a house in three minutes source The New York Times title 4 ways to make the most of your spare room article Make your own furniture, decorate it, and decorate again, says designer James Pomerantz.

Here are his tips.

source New York Daily News article 10 Things Every Designer Needs to Know About Design article The best advice you can give yourself when making a design is to not try to “cheat.”

Instead, it’s to “try to make something that’s not as easy to do as possible,” says Pomeranz, who created the website DesignSpark to help you do just that.

source Glamour: The Best Women’s Style Trends of 2017 article The glamour trends that are sweeping the nation in 2017 have inspired so many of the most striking new outfits.

“The new fashions are going to be super exciting for a lot of designers, but the new fashes will also be great for us,” says Nour El Ghazi, a fashion stylist who’s worked on everything from runway looks to the collection for the designer and label’s most recent collection.

“You need to be in control of how you present it.

I think the best thing you can do is just be a little bit more open-minded and let things flow.”