New England’s most expensive furniture shop has a new tenant

New England’s most expensive furniture shop has a new tenant

A new furniture shop in Stamford, Connecticut, has just opened.

It’s called New England, and it’s a little bit of a twist on the standard store, with a different kind of customer.

It sells a range of items from tableware to chairs, and also sells items that aren’t made from wood, like mattresses and other hardwood items.

There are no furniture store employees.

The owners of New England are also just like any other furniture store in the city, they’re just doing it a little differently.

The shop is called Woodman Furniture, and they have a small collection of vintage and modern furniture.

There’s a lot of it, in fact, as well as some pieces from other furniture stores.

We’re really excited to be able to show you a little of what we have and what’s on our shelves, and show you the process we go through in order to create a piece that is unique to our brand.

We have an amazing collection of antique furniture and we can tell you how we create our furniture, and that’s what sets New England apart from the rest of the furniture stores out there.

It takes a long time to create something unique.

We also offer a wide variety of wood, from maple to maple, and you can also get a wood-block fireplace.

We really like the wood that we have.

We actually have the entire range of furniture in wood.

We even have a fireplace.

It is very simple to set up, because we can get the wood right here in Connecticut, and we’re going to make sure it’s going to be in great condition, because the wood takes a lot longer to be cut than it does in the other stores.

But we’re just going to do everything we can to make it right.

We know what wood is like, and what makes a good wood.

So it’s really important that we’re using the best quality wood that you can get, and when you walk in and you see the wood, you know that it’s the best wood you’re ever going to find, and then you can really feel it in your hands.

So we’re really happy that we can make this one of the first of its kind in the country.

It really is.

We can show you that because you’ll see a real difference in your hand after you put it on, because you’re going through all the processes.

The Woodman store is located at the corner of Main Street and Main Street in Stonington.

They have a few other locations around the area, but for now, you can only get their wood here.