Business owner: ‘My son is going to be the best thing to happen to my life’

Business owner: ‘My son is going to be the best thing to happen to my life’

An Ohio man who claims he was told he’d be fired from his job because he’s gay is now getting a hug from his son, who said he’s going to get a college degree.

Mark Kuckel, a business owner and father of two, was fired from the Ohio-based grocery store he owned in July 2016.

Kuckel’s story of being told he wouldn’t be able to work because of his sexual orientation became a viral sensation after the incident.

The Ohio Department of Human Resources says in a statement that it is investigating Kuckels claim that he was forced to resign and was told that he would be fired for being gay.

The department says the “management of the Ohio Department for Human Resources is not aware of any credible reports of this kind of behavior.”

Kuckell says he is being harassed by a company owner who believes he is a “bitch” and who’s using his experience to try and intimidate him.

Kockel says he doesn’t want to get into a legal battle over who is telling him what to do, but he said his son told him his father would have a college diploma.KOCELLE KUCKEL / FACEBOOK Mark Kuckell / FACEMOVE”I was shocked.

I thought that was just ridiculous,” he told ABC News.

“It was like an alien invasion.

It just felt like there was something wrong with me.”

Kougler said he went to work that day and was greeted by an employee who was hostile to him and said, “You are going to hell, you’re going to jail, you are going crazy.”

Kockels wife says she’s been in tears and is still dealing with emotional trauma.

“I have to be a little bit careful and not talk about it, and try not to be emotional about it,” Kucka told ABC.

“But I just want to do what I have to do.

I’m just going to do it, I’m going to continue doing it, because it’s my job.”

Kugel said he doesn`t want to sue the man because he feels he can get away with it, but is taking it to court to get compensation.

Kugl has filed a lawsuit against the man and is seeking $250,000.

The case is currently in court, but the judge set a hearing for Jan. 16 for the lawsuit to be heard.

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