What the new Blackrock Furniture shop is up to

What the new Blackrock Furniture shop is up to

Blackrock is the newest store to open in Manhattan, but the space is already packed with some very big shoes to fill.

The store is currently on the hunt for its first full-time employee, a former employee who’s been with the shop since 2010.

“He’s an amazing person,” said co-owner and Blackrock founder Eric DeRosa.

“I think it’s going to be a fantastic addition.”

The store is the brainchild of DeRos family, who own the store.

In 2011, Blackrock co-founder, Eric De Rosa, and his wife, Lori, bought a warehouse and building in the Manhattan boroughs and began renovating it as a retail center for apparel and accessories.

Blackrock’s retail shop was originally designed to sell clothing but is now serving as an online retail hub for new designer products.

BlackRock now also offers a wide variety of online fashion, home decor, home improvement, and kitchen appliances.

The company plans to open a third store, in the same location, sometime this summer.

“It’s been a whirlwind of building and remodeling,” DeRoso said.

“We’re just going to try to build it the best way we can.”

The Blackrock Store will be the first store of its kind in New York City.

Blackstone, the real estate company that owns the building, has made it a point to create an environmentally-friendly environment.

The building is designed to support a new energy efficiency program, which will be integrated into the Blackstone energy system.

In addition to its environmental credentials, Blackstone’s building is also home to a collection of reclaimed wood, which is used to create flooring and ceiling fans.

The space also includes a laundry room and kitchen, which Blackrock hopes to expand to a full-fledged kitchen soon.