What the hell is going on in Hong Kong?

What the hell is going on in Hong Kong?

On Sunday, Myanmar-based clothing shop, Blooming Boutique, was forced to close for the second time in two weeks after owner Chia-Ming Tsai called the store “a place of prostitution” and a “garden for prostitutes”.

The store has been closed since October 19, when it was sold to a Chinese company for HK$2 million.

In October, it was shut down after being sold to the same Chinese company and reopened by the same company.

The closure of Blooming Boutiques has been a wake-up call for many Myanmar-Americans.

The shop, which opened in July 2015 in Chinatown, is not the first to suffer in recent months.

Last month, Blooming boutique in Hong Lim Plaza was shuttered by the police for nearly a week after it was discovered that the shop’s manager had allegedly sold sex for HK$.2,000.

The business owner had also reportedly been arrested and had fled to China.

Last August, a Thai woman was arrested for running a prostitution ring in Chinatown.

Last year, police arrested an American woman who allegedly was running a brothel in Chinatown and selling sex for about HK$5,000 per month.

In August, police in Hong Chung Plaza arrested a young American man who allegedly had a sex-slave ring in the city’s Chinatown and ran it from a flat in a rented apartment.

In November, police raided the flat of a 28-year-old American man, who was arrested after they discovered he was renting out the flat to a 38-year old Chinese man.

The police also raided a flat of another Chinese man, and later found out that he had also rented the apartment to a 34-yearold American woman.

Despite the high cost of running brothels in Hong and in the capital, the business owners of Blooming boutique say they are in good hands and their employees are safe.

“I don’t think it’s good that our customers have been inconvenienced or they’re not being able to go in to the store anymore,” owner Chiang Si-ping told ABC News.

“We have a great reputation in Hong, we’re very well-known in the community, we have great customers and we’re a very well respected business.” 

The owner of Blooming said that after he closed Blooming Boutiquet, he started to receive calls from people who were concerned about his business.

When he returned to the shop on Wednesday, he found that he could no longer rent the premises, and that he and his employees were unable to stay at the premises as the store had been closed.

“Our customers are scared to come back,” Chiang said.

“They are scared of what they might find in the store, because they don’t want to think about what might happen to them.”

 He added that the closure of the store has caused a lot of distress among his employees, many of whom are working at the store on the same day they are working in other businesses.

“We don’t know how much our customers’ safety is affected,” he said.

 The business owner of the Blooming Boutistique has been able to make arrangements to hire security to monitor the premises.

He has also set up a support group for his employees who are in the dark about their safety.

“It is important to let our customers know that they are not alone, that they can come back, they can be their own person and be safe,” he added.

“And that if there is any problems, that the police can be called.

It is very important that they have this safety.”