The first big UK furniture shop to open in a major city

The first big UK furniture shop to open in a major city

The first UK furniture shops to open a major British city have opened in London.

In a move that could be seen as a bid to woo more visitors to the city, the first UK shop to do so is the first in London to open its doors.

The new shop at Piccadilly Circus is the only one of its kind to open so far in the capital.

This is the second time the Piccassys has opened a shop in the city.

It is the fourth London-based boutique to open, following the London-Based Artisans and Home Goods in April and the British Furniture and Design Association’s UK-based Design Centre in October.

They will be opening to the public in the first week of December.

When you look out from Piccads’ entrance you will see the city’s iconic Piccadia building and a replica of the Queen Elizabeth Tower.

A new shop, which looks very much like the one at Picadilly, will also be in the centre of London.

This is not the first time that a UK furniture retailer has opened in a big city, but it is the biggest and the first one in London for a large retailer.

More than 400 stores already exist in the UK.

Some are in bigger cities, such as the capital, where they can offer cheaper prices and have higher standards.

Many have a much broader range of products, such the range of furniture, but some are still based in the traditional furniture shops, such London- based Bats and the furniture and accessories store Laundry.

While some of the biggest retailers in the world like J. Crew and Saks Fifth Avenue have been opening shops in major cities in recent years, they have struggled to take off in the smaller towns and cities.

These two are the first major UK furniture retailers to open their doors in London, but they will not be the last.

British Furniture Association chief executive, David Purdy, said the trend towards online shopping was “going to come to the UK”.

“There are many opportunities in London and it will become even more popular with the growth of social media,” he said.

“And if you think of the many, many people who are coming to London for the first and second weekend of December, it will be a very significant boost to our industry.”

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