The Best ’80s Crayola Sets for You

The Best ’80s Crayola Sets for You

With a whole lot of different color schemes to choose from, here’s a look at the best ’80’s Crayolates we’ve come across so far. 


Crayo Cubes with Masks:  This is a fantastic Crayolo set.

Each set comes with one mask. 

Each set comes in a cardboard box that’s covered in paper. 

Masks are attached to the back of the box.

Masks come in different colors. 


The Big Bang Cubes: These Crayolas have a little more complexity than the other Crayols we’ve seen. 

They have a large box, and a cardboard cutout that’s hidden inside. 

The box comes with a mask on it, but not all masks are sold separately. 

You’ll also get the mask you receive for each Crayoko. 


CeeJay’s Cee Jay’s Cribs: This is a cute Crayaro set.

There’s a big cardboard box with a cardboard cube inside, and it comes with the Ceejay Cubes. 

These are Crayoids that were released in the ’80