Denton, Texas furniture shop sells to the biggest homebuilder in America

Denton, Texas furniture shop sells to the biggest homebuilder in America

Denton furniture store owner Scott Lutz, who has a $6.5 billion portfolio, said in a news release that his new company, Tyler Furniture, is “one of the biggest” in the country.

The company will focus on furniture from a wide range of brands, including Ikea, Ben & Jerry’s and Tiffany & Woods.

The store will also focus on home improvement, office and entertainment.

“The Tyler Group is a premier manufacturer of furniture, accessories, home furnishings, kitchen appliances and more,” Lutz said in the news release.

“We are building a global, diverse portfolio of products for our customers to enjoy, including furniture, furniture accessories, appliances and home furnishments.”

Tyler Furnishings was founded in 2005 by former furniture manufacturer, Scott Litzman.

He told the Dallas Morning News that his company has been growing for the past two years and that his current staff of 20 people has increased to about 60.

“I have a lot of pride in our company, and we’re doing it well,” Litzmann said.

The news release from Tyler said it is looking for people with experience working with big brands, and people who are willing to “work with our customers and deliver value.”

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