Tech giants want you to pay for their products

Tech giants want you to pay for their products

Dungarvin, the Australian startup that lets people shop for electronics at home, has announced that it is partnering with Microsoft and eBay to bring its ecommerce platform to the popular online retailer.

The company, which says it will be “making a massive impact on the retail industry,” has announced a partnership with Microsoft to provide it with “digital hardware and software” to help “increase our online presence and expand our reach.”

Microsoft and the company’s other major partners, eBay and PayPal, have already said that they are interested in selling its platform to other companies.

“We are excited to partner with Microsoft on our platform,” said Dungas CEO Robyn Young, in a statement.

“The partnership will allow us to deliver a better experience for consumers and retailers alike.

The benefits of this partnership include: We will be able to provide a better and more secure experience for our customers by enabling more seamless shopping and payments.”

Young said that “the new relationship” between the two companies will allow Dungabrand to “bring Microsoft’s expertise in the e-commerce space to our existing customer base of Australian and international businesses.”

Microsoft, which has a “strategic focus on developing software and services for Windows,” is “the world’s leading platform developer and platform integrator for online shopping,” and “its Windows operating system has become the platform of choice for millions of customers,” according to a statement from the company.

Microsoft has previously announced partnerships with Apple and Google.

“Dungabrant is committed to providing customers with a better online shopping experience with an integrated shopping experience,” the company said in a blog post.

“This partnership will enable us to improve our online experience in the long-term and to deliver new services for our partners, while also ensuring that customers can continue to use Microsoft products.”

Dunga, which is currently valued at about $1 billion, has a total of 17,000 employees.

It has a team of 30 people, and has raised $1.7 million in venture capital, according to the Australian Securities Exchange.

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