Which is best for a Norwegian furniture shop?

Which is best for a Norwegian furniture shop?

Scandinavian furniture shop Jørgen H.G. Holmstrom’s shop has been selling the same old Swedish furniture for more than 50 years.

But that’s about to change, as the company has just introduced a new line of furniture.

The brand also introduced a brand new kitchen, a new living room, a lounge and an indoor swimming pool. 

The new line is called The Holmström House.

Holmgren H. G. Holms, the founder of Jørgens Holmstroms, said in a statement that the new house, which opened on March 30, was designed to offer customers an elegant solution to the typical Norwegian furniture shopping experience. 

“We have developed a new kitchen designed to suit the modern Scandinavian home, with a modern and modernistic look,” Holmgreds said in the statement.

“It is available in the range of stainless steel, quartz, mahogany, white and red stone, and features a custom built sliding door.”

The new furniture, which is designed to accommodate all sizes, can be bought in the shop or on Amazon for a mere 15,000 kroner ($2,300).

Holmgres Holmstroms said it is not the first furniture to be offered as an option, but this is the first time that it has come with an actual kitchen.

“We believe the new kitchen will be a major drawcard for customers,” Holmsted said.

“The new kitchen offers a modern, stylish and modern feel with a beautiful, modern design that is easy to manage, but also looks modern and elegant,” Holms Holms added.

“There is an open plan living room with a large glass window and a small space for relaxing.”

The Holmstead family, which owns Jørnstålholms, owns Jogans Holm Strommys furniture shop, as well as the furniture store Jøgens Holms.

The Holms family also owns Jorgensen Holms and Holmmstrommys.

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