What do you call the place where the cats hang out?

What do you call the place where the cats hang out?

A shop in a small Bangladeshi town is giving away free cats.

The shop, named Haverford West, in the village of Bangladesh, was founded by the owner, Murtaza Haver. 

Murtaza is a cat lover. 

When he started this shop, he had no idea of the number of cats he had. 

“I have seen so many cats, I was very happy, but then I realized that I had to find a place to keep them,” he says. 

Now, Haver is giving out free cats, which he calls “furnished” cats. 

Haverford, which means “fancy” in Bengali, is a cats-free business in Bangladesh. 

Furnished cats are available for sale, but cats have to be cleaned first. 

The shop owner says he would love to expand the business and would like to introduce more cats.

“We have about a hundred cats here, but they are all neglected and are not well cared for,” he tells New Scientist.

“We hope that they will be kept and cared for by the people of Bangladesh.” 

Bangladesh has more than one million cats, and they are usually kept in small cages in households. 

Banglsis have a strong reputation for keeping cats on the run, but many people also think that cats are very good pets, especially if they are given the chance to live in a group with humans. 

According to a study from the UK-based charity Cats International, more than a third of cats in Bangladesh have been neglected or abused. 

But it is also true that cats can be dangerous. 

Cat attacks are also increasing. 

In 2015, there were 4,000 cat-related deaths in Bangladesh, which is a rate of nearly six a day. 

More than half of these incidents were caused by cats and more than 80 percent were committed by the owners of cats.

In 2013, the Bangladesh Cat Welfare Society recorded 1,800 deaths from cat attacks. 

To protect cats, Havasan-based animal rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) launched a campaign called Save Cats from Harassment.

PETA is also campaigning to make it legal for owners of stray cats to have them returned. 

As a result of the campaign, Bangladesh is one of the countries where cats are more likely to be killed. 

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