Which kart race will be remembered most?

Which kart race will be remembered most?

A few years ago, we were lucky enough to see the first real Kartarparpur, a road race held in the capital, Kolkata, where Kartarpur was won by the Indian driver Subhash Jha in 2009.

The event has since been won by a number of other drivers including Vijay Singh, who was the winner in the 2010 edition.

The most memorable race in Kolkatarpur was the 2006 Kolkarparvival, which saw India’s Virender Sehwag and the world champion Indian driver Makhdoom Bhattarai contest the final race of the series, the Datta-Patel Trophy.

A few years back, we saw the first official footage of the new Kolkatapur, an artificial track built by the state government, with its own stadium and kart track, in action.

The track, designed by the renowned designer Prakash Kalyan, is just two metres wide and two metres deep, and is just over 20 metres long.

The oval has the dimensions of a small oval.

In the early years, Kartarpurs was the favourite venue for Indian Formula One, but the sport has been plagued by a lack of funds, safety and spectator infrastructure, with spectators and fans of all ages and abilities, who have been a major issue.