What to wear in Wimbledon?

What to wear in Wimbledon?

WIMELEON, England — Wimbledon was supposed to be a summertime experience, with people going to the city to watch the tennis players play, but the weather has been terrible.

The British Open was delayed twice due to the heat, and the last day of the men’s doubles final was canceled due to poor visibility.

And the heat was on display as tennis fans packed into a small hotel to watch Wimbledon at an early hour on Wednesday.

In the lobby, the room filled with warm towels and blankets.

“You have to be patient.

I mean, I know that the tournament is supposed to go on for a long time,” said a woman who gave her name only as Jane.

It was a rare sight for the Wimbledon crowd.

This is the fourth consecutive year Wimbledon has been postponed for a weather problem.

The last time the tournament was canceled was in 2014 due to heat.

The weather at Wimbledon was forecast to be mild with only one storm developing in the area.

The British government said the heat is not a concern and that it will make a decision on when Wimbledon will return.