Is this the last candy shop in Seattle?

Is this the last candy shop in Seattle?

The candy shop at the corner of Broadway and Wilshire avenues is a fixture in Seattle, but the space is now vacant and a long-term tenant is negotiating with owners for the space.

It’s not clear if that tenant is a candy bar or a liquor store, but owners Chris and Christine McLeod said they’re working with a local grocery store and a real estate firm to buy the space, but haven’t made a final decision.

They want to open a location on Wilshire between Sixth and Seventh avenues, and they have a plan to renovate the space to serve the neighborhood.

Chris McLeod, owner of the candy shop, said the building is on the market for the next year.

The McLeod family has been working to build a successful restaurant in the area, and it was a huge part of their plan to get to Seattle.

They’re looking for a space that would be a great fit in Wilshire, where they plan to open three locations.

“We want to create a place that is a bit of a community hub, a place where we could sit down and have a conversation about food,” Chris McLendon said.

They plan to make their first opening date public soon, and hope to be open by mid-January.

The space is at 1201 Broadway and will be the first of its kind in Seattle.

Chris said they don’t expect to see any other candy shops in the neighborhood, and that the McLeod’s hope to bring a place of its own to Wilshire is a huge boost for the neighborhood and the neighborhood itself.

“It’s going to make a real impact,” Chris said.

“The neighborhood will benefit, the neighborhood will feel good.

People will come out here and experience our food.

I think it’s going be a huge draw to Wilkie.”

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