American Furniture Shop in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

American Furniture Shop in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

American Furnisher, a furniture shop in Waterloo’s historic west end, has closed its doors for good.

The company, which closed in 2016, was one of the few Canadian businesses that still sells items for sale at their shops.

The closure is the result of an “incident” at the shop last summer.

“We learned that we had made some errors,” the company said in a statement.

“In our effort to improve, we have made some important changes to our business strategy and business operations, including an increased focus on product development.

We apologize to our customers for any inconvenience this has caused and look forward to continuing to provide our customers with outstanding customer service.”

The Waterloo store, which has been open since 2003, was built in 1879.

The shop’s owner, a father-of-three, told CBC News that he started working at the store in 2002 and said he had been there for 35 years.

“I started here in 1973, I’m 66 years old,” he said.

“It was a dream come true.

I just couldn’t imagine it not happening.”

The company’s website says the building is “owned by the Ontario Land Trust” and is currently undergoing renovation.

“For more than two decades, the Canadian Furniture & Equipment store has been a vital part of the community and a staple for many in Waterloo Region,” the statement read.

“The closure of the American Furnishing & Equipment, Inc. store and the decision to relocate our operations to an entirely new location in Waterloo is a loss for the community.”

It’s not the first time American Furnishings has closed in Waterloo.

The retailer closed in 2013 after the owner of the company’s Waterloo store filed for bankruptcy, claiming the business was underperforming.

The business eventually reopened in 2017.

The Canadian Furnishing Industry Association said the closure was a difficult one for all employees.

“These were difficult decisions,” said CFA spokesperson Brian LeBlanc.

“But we feel very confident in the future of American Furnished Equipment in Waterloo.”

With files from The Canadian Press and the Canadian Press Online