Why is the country so expensive?

Why is the country so expensive?

England has the world’s highest average house price and the third-highest average property value, according to new figures.

The annual average house sale price in England was £250,000 last year, according the House Price Index, which covers the UK as a whole.

The average property sale price is £260,000.

The highest house price in the country is in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, where the average is £550,000, according data from the UK’s House Price Survey.

The country’s lowest house price is in Southport, where average house prices are £180,000 per annum.

The most expensive property in England is in Milton Keynes, where a property costs £1.7 million.

The cheapest property is in Sheffield, where it costs just £180.

The UK average price of housing is £1,300 per square foot, according To The Times.

The median price in 2016 was £130,000 in Newcastle.