A $6,000 furniture shop in Bedford Hills is now owned by a Muslim woman

A $6,000 furniture shop in Bedford Hills is now owned by a Muslim woman

A $3,000 business that once was owned by Muslim immigrants in Bedford Heights is now run by a woman, The Boston Globe reported.

The owner, Shadi al-Othman, bought the property in 2017 from a man who lived there before she moved to Florida in 2020, the Globe reported Friday.

Al-Ochman told the paper that she wanted to open a clothing store and that she had no idea the store was owned, the newspaper reported.

“I just want to give back to this community,” she said.

“When I see people here, they see a place of opportunity.”

Al-Thaniya said she was initially told by the property’s owner that her property was a mosque.

“He didn’t tell me what that meant,” she told the Globe.

Al Thaniya told the newspaper that she tried to explain to the property owner that she was a Muslim, but that the owner responded, “You are a Muslim and I will tell you who you are.”

Al Thanyanya said that she felt she was “punished” for living in Bedford and that the mosque she was supposed to visit was not a mosque and that it was not part of the property.

She said she had not been given a refund from the property, and was now planning to file a complaint with the city.

“You have to be respectful and understand that the law is not something that is going to be forgotten,” she added.