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How to build a new sofa and get on with it

How to build a new sofa and get on with it

The most popular sofa and bed on the market can be built in just hours, or weeks, according to new research from the British furniture manufacturer Stuart Stuart.

The firm has unveiled a new line of ‘shelving’ furniture to help you get on the same footing as other couch and bedmakers.

The products, which can be bought in stores for around £250, come in two styles, the sofa with a cushion and the sofa which sits on a shelf and is adjustable.

They are priced at £260 and £300 respectively, and can be used in your living room, kitchen, study or bedroom.

Stuart says the ‘scoop and stash’ concept was created to “reduce clutter” in the home, and was inspired by the work of the American furniture designer Howard Stern.

The sofa has a cushion on the outside and can recline on its back, while the sofa can reclin on its side.

The couch also has a shelf on its front and can fold down into a small flat, with the top half open to let in light.

The company also claims that the sofa is designed to be “easy to use”, “convenient and easy to move”, and that it can “stay in the same spot for up to six months”.

Stuart is selling the product online and through its online store, with more than 100 products to date.

It’s offering a range of styles to suit both the modern and classic living room.

A sofa and a sofa standImage caption The sofa pictured above with the cushion on itImage caption A sofa that folds down into its own flatImage caption Stuart has launched a range which includes a sofa with the sofa, a sofa and moreImage caption More of the products Stuart has to offer on its website