Fire destroys $500K home in Burnley

Fire destroys $500K home in Burnley

Fire destroyed a $500,000 home in the city’s south-west early on Friday, leaving the owners homeless.

The blaze erupted in a building on the edge of a parking lot on Burnley Road in the town’s north-west.

There were no injuries, but the building was badly damaged.

Firefighters had to douse the flames in a fire station as they battled the blaze, which caused smoke to billow in the street, as well as an alarm system.

The house is located about six kilometres from the Burnley Art Gallery.

“This is a tragedy for everyone who lives and works in Burnleys Road, including our artists and the residents who were forced to live in the middle of the street,” the Burnleys Art Gallery said in a statement.

In March, firefighters were called to a $50,000 house on Burnleys Rd. near the corner of Burnley and Kings Cross streets.

The owner of the home was able to flee, but was forced to return to the scene when fire crews arrived.

“The house was badly burned and there was a large amount of smoke billowing out the street.

Fire crews were able to extinguish the fire,” Burnley Fire Station commander Michael O’Neill said.

The blaze is under investigation, he said.

“There were no residents in the property and no fire safety equipment was present.

The fire station is aware of the circumstances of the fire and it’s being investigated.”

The town of Burnleys is about a kilometre north of the Art Gallery’s gallery.

Flames were reported near the scene of the blaze on Thursday night, near the Art Galleries and the Royal Bank of Canada branch, said Burnleys fire brigade commander Nick Fennell.

A second house on the same block, on Burnes Road, was destroyed in the same fire.

No one was injured in the blaze.

More than 100 firefighters battled the fire in Burnes and Kings Crossing, which are about a two-minute drive from the Art gallery.