New book claims billionaire Trump aide was in the closet with ‘hundreds’ of men, including ‘sex slaves’

New book claims billionaire Trump aide was in the closet with ‘hundreds’ of men, including ‘sex slaves’

New book “The Secret Life of Donald J. Trump” claims the President’s former Chief of Staff was in “hundreds of sexual relationships” with thousands of men during the 1980s and 1990s.

The book was published Thursday by Scribner.

The allegations, which have not been independently verified, include claims Trump sexually assaulted women.

The New York Times first reported the allegations last month.

In the book, which focuses on Trump’s life in New York, the author says the President often spoke about his “sexual fantasies” in a manner that is “familiar and familiar,” and claimed he would “make them work” for him.

“When he asked me if I wanted to be part of his sex parties, I told him that was not an option,” the book claims Trump would often “take me to the back room, take me to bed, and ask me to ‘make it work,'” the book said.

“He would often make it work because he knew he was getting paid handsomely, and it would be his way to keep me.”

The book also alleges Trump was involved in “sex parties with prostitutes” and that he was involved with prostitutes.

The author, who goes by the pseudonym “Alyssa B,” says in the book that Trump was known to have “hundred-some of his sexual fantasies, and he was able to do them.”

“I am writing about the same man who was the subject of multiple lawsuits, whose campaign had its entire leadership team resign over sexual harassment and misconduct, whose personal life was threatened and his businesses forced to shut down, and whose public image was damaged by his actions,” she said in a statement to the publication.

The claim comes after “The New York Post” reported in March that Trump’s longtime lawyer, Michael Cohen, had been charged with four counts of sex crimes against women.

Cohen has denied any wrongdoing.

The Post reported that Cohen had allegedly sexually assaulted three women.

Two of those women were part of the same lawsuit against Trump, and another woman alleged she was assaulted by Cohen.

The newspaper reported that in addition to the allegations against Cohen, a third woman also filed a complaint against Trump.

The woman who filed the lawsuit against Cohen was also the subject, as well as other women, of an ongoing lawsuit against him.

The alleged sexual misconduct has also reportedly been in the public eye for years.

The Associated Press reported in October that Trump had admitted to having a “sexual relationship” with actress Marla Maples, who was 15 when he was dating her in the 1980’s.

The AP reported that Trump denied the allegation at the time.

The two women were married in 1993, and Trump divorced Maples in 2003.

The same day the AP reported Trump had a sexual relationship with Maples and his lawyer Michael Cohen was charged with two counts of sexual assault against her.