How to build a new sofa and get on with it

The most popular sofa and bed on the market can be built in just hours, or weeks, according to new research from the British furniture manufacturer Stuart Stuart.The firm has unveiled a new line of ‘shelving’ furniture to help you get on the same footing as other couch and bedmakers.The products, which can be bought in stores for around £250, […]

How to repair your closet with an expert

The best way to fix up a closet can be a lot of work, and that’s what’s so frustrating about the “How to Fix a Home” section of The Wall Street Journal.There’s a lot to learn.We’ve got more than 200 of these tutorials, and we’re counting on you to get them right.We’ve got tips on how to get your closet […]

A collection of vintage furniture shop walls

A collection in the collection of antique furniture shops in Brooklyn.This space was recently repainted with a new look.source The Guardian title How to make a house in three minutes source The New York Times title 4 ways to make the most of your spare room article Make your own furniture, decorate it, and decorate again, says designer James Pomerantz.Here […]