How to build a ‘panda’ sofa

How to make a ‘Panda’ Shoe with the following tools: 1.Wood glue.2.Wood polish.3.Wood screws.4.Screwdriver.5.Wire brush.6.A wire cutter.7.A screwdriver.8.Tape measure.9.Tape.10.Tape-up adhesive.11.Tape roll.12.Paper towel.13.Sandpaper.14.Miter saw.15.Sanding block.16.Wood sanding compound.17.Parchment paper.18.Scissors.19.Sand paper.20.Wire cutters.21.Screw driver.22.Screws.23.Wire strippers.24.Wood blocks.25.Sand.26.Paper towels.27.A nail file.28.Small nail file to create a ‘Coral Reef’.29.Small wooden plank.30.Large wood block.31.A large piece of wood.32.A big piece of wire.33.A piece of rubber cement.34.A hammer.35.A jack.36.A […]